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Copper King Fire Explodes in Northwest Montana

Copper King fire near Thompson Falls - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Copper King Fire near Thompson Falls, Montana, 8/19/16. Photo via InciWeb.

After a summer full of fluctuating temperatures, Northwest Montana has finally been handed its first serious fire of the year.

The Copper King Fire began on Sunday, July 31st, just east of Thompson Falls, where it steadily built up to around 3,000 acres in size.… Read More

2016 Fire Season Starts With a Bang

Chimney Fire in California - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Chimney Fire in Central California. Photo via InciWeb.

As more than 80,000 residents returned to Fort McMurray on Wednesday after a massive 1.2 million acre wildfire destroyed nearly 15% of the city last month, one thing is clear: The 2016 wildfire season has erupted across North America.… Read More

California Prepares For October Fires

Rough Fire in California - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Rough Fire in central California.

As October arrives and fire season winds down across the country, fire danger continues to be a significant threat in California. Moisture in Southern California’s vegetation is at a critically low level, and over 3,000 firefighters are still on the job battling eight wildfires across the state.… Read More

Air Quality Down Nationally Due to Smoke

Air Quality/Smoke Nationwide - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Smoke across the nation from wildfire activity. Image via AirNow.

Air quality across the nation is now suffering from the intense wildfires burning throughout the Northwest.

Washington, Idaho, and western Montana are particularly affected this week by the smoke emanating from fires in those areas, but the loss in air quality is by no means limited to those states.… Read More

Napoleon Fire Burns Northwest Montana

Napoleon Complex Fire - Obadiah Wildfire Fighters

Napoleon Complex Fire on the Kootenai National Forest. © 2015 Obadiah’s Wildfire Fighters.

After months of exceedingly hot, dry weather, fire activity in the Northwest corner of Montana has taken off in the past week.

The Napoleon Complex began on August 19th in the Bull River drainage, just north of the town of Noxon along Highway 56.… Read More

National Fire Preparedness Raised to Highest Level

Thompson Fire in Glacier National Park - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Thompson Fire in Glacier National Park. Photo via InciWeb.

For the first time in two years, the National Fire Preparedness Level has been raised to level 5 today. With large thunderstorms moving across the western U.S. in recent days with little to no moisture, hundreds of new fires have broken out, resulting in a major commitment of fire resources nation-wide.… Read More

Drones Increasing Danger for Firefighters

Forest Service Drones Flier - Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters

Flier released by the Forest Service regarding drones.

Firefighters in the western United States have seen a new obstacle this season: Drones.

Labeled “Hobby Drones” by officials, the unmanned vehicles that typically carry compact video cameras have exploded in popularity among amateur filmmakers over the past two years, and are now showing up in the dangerous perimeters of wildfires.… Read More