Wildfire Equipment

Obadiah’s Wildfire Fighters offer a wide variety of specialized emergency and wildfire equipment, available under the “Best Value Agreement” with various government agencies, as well as to private individuals and corporations. Our equipment is designed for Initial Attack (IA) and our team is prepared to deal with even the most remote regions. We are self contained with the ability to man, house, supply, repair, transport, communicate and generate our own power just about anywhere.

If your property is being threatened by wildfires or other natural disasters, we’re your team. Just contact Woody to discuss your needs and price!

Our main tactical equipment can transport thousands of gallons of CAFS foam and water in steep, environmentally sensitive terrain. Known as a “Soft Track Skidgen,” our FMC 220 Big Bubba was originally developed as an answer to logging in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, where the ground is so soft that regular rubber-tired vehicles struggled to operate. Unlike dozers, soft track equipment is flexible: The tracks actually conform to the contours of the ground and spread the load out, meaning less ground compression and environmental damage.

Our other soft track is an FMC M548, originally developed for operations in the Vietnam War. The marshy terrain filled with rice paddies required something other than rubber-tired vehicles, which would simply sink into the muck. Our M548, named “Big Bertha,” is able to operate not only in these conditions, but can safely traverse paved roads with no negative impact. It can also haul water in its removable tank, carry supplies or personnel, and even doubles as an off road ambulance.

Our tactical water tender is another amazing piece of wildfire equipment. Named “Big Daddy,” this beast can haul either of our soft track skidgens to the incident and then function as additional transport, fuel support, and water support to keep Bubba and Bertha going. It can also be used on the Helibase as a crash rescue truck, for dust abatement, water transport, or fire engine. It’s truly the most versatile tender that we know of, and with the included sleeper unit, the operator is able to stay with the vehicle at all times, ready to respond to calls at all times.

The Tactical Water Tender.

The Tactical Water Tender.

All of this equipment requires constant mechanical support, provided by our highly trained staff. Our shop truck goes everywhere with us, and is equipped with welding equipment, a generator, and all the tools and spare parts we typically need when on dispatch in remote areas.

Communications and management are provided by our solar-powered Mobile Command/Communications Center, which can be deployed just about anywhere and serves as the center of our base camp. Obadiah’s management team and other agencies can use this unit in remote locations to provide high speed internet and radio communications for any incident, and it offers a long list of amenities needed for any long assignment: There are 3 two-person offices, a restroom with shower, a galley with stove, sink and fridge, and even sleeping and meeting areas. Fully expandable with fold-out awnings and enclosure, this unit can more than double in size in short. Plus, the quiet generator comes with enough fuel to run non-stop for five days, making it perfect as a hub camp or just another part of a larger fire camp.

The Mobile Command Center.

The Mobile Command Center.

Mobile command is pulled by a Type 6 Wildfire Engine, which provides support for the camp and can offer fire suppression services itself if needed.

Additionally, we have a UTV for camp support and hauling supplies to the fire line, as well as RVs for housing Obadiah’s staff comfortably. We are able to take care of ourselves without the need of the agency in charge for support, allowing us to fill a niche where we can rapidly respond as initial attack for wildfire suppression or as support for other disasters. We are a self-contained, professionally experienced team that is always ready to help, and our performance ratings over the last 17 years have been nothing short of excellent.

Obadiah’s has a motto: “Extinguishing Mediocrity.” We always live up to that.

Obadiah's firecrew on the skidgen.

Obadiah’s firecrew on the skidgen.