Fire Information



SPECIFICATIONS / ATTACHMENTS Ex-military aircraft aluminum, non-armored personnel carrier M548;
Equipped with head and tail lights, as well as halogen scene lights mounted 360 degrees for night
operations; Cab seats 4 safely with seat belts, fully enclosed and heated. Rear enclosed cargo area
adaptable for evacuation seating or placement of stretcher for emergency medical evacuation where
other transport options are not available. Operator equipped with BK narrow band radio with headset
and microphone, first aid kit, PPGs, fire shelters, Pulaski, shovels, and all required safety equipment.
20ton PTO driven front mounted winch. Speed in water with track 3.6 MPH, Slope operation 60%, Side
slope operation 40%, Trench crossing 66 “; Vertical wall climbing 24”; Breaking 20 MPH 34′ on
pavement; Emergency Response Specs; Tank 500/500=1000 gal (twin 500 gal mixing chambers) this
allows for mixing a batch of fire retardant gel or hydro seed, while applying simultaneously. Two 5 hp
Hydroquip slurry-mixing pumps for powering mixing jets, one 5 hp Honda pressure pump for application
purposes. Darley Diesel 32hp water-cooled fire rated 500psi @50 gal per minute high-pressure pump.
Snuffer aspirated foam mixer/injection system. Twin side mounted Hanney electric hose reels, each with
200’ of Reeltech fire rated 1” hardline hose. 11/2”, 1”, and ¾ hose onboard with extra nozzles, and
various necessary fittings for wildfire suppression. Roof mounted water cannon, twin 3” dump/draft
valves, 30’ 3” draft hose, Kawasaki 3” portable pump, can draft 200 gal per min
PURPOSES / USES Rubber pads on tracks for WUI operations.
40+ MPH speed for quick transport/response.
Amphibious crew and cargo transport.
Dry seeding and hydro-seeding.
Twin Hose reels for working with hand crews.
40,000lb winch for vehicle recovery operations.
Night Operations wildfire suppression support.
TRANSPORT AND SUPPORT Lowboy transport for equipment.
Available for duration per EERA. Obadiah’s Shop van and mechanic.
Provide equipment maintenance, support and repair services.
OPERATOR(S) Lawrence “Woody” Chain is a Vol Fire Fighter and has been fighting wildfires since 2000. S-130/190, I-200, S-290, S-234, S-131, S230/231, FF1 & FF2 Eng Boss Trainee. Designer/builder, operator 5 yrs exp.
AGENCY ORDERING CLASSIFICATION ST- Type 1 Soft Track; Dispatched from Missoula MT.
BUSINESS DETAILS / FIRES Under Best Value Agreement # AG-0343-C-07-3133
Dispatched from Lolo Nat Forrest, Region One, Missoula MT.
– Ph: 406-329-3333
– Fax: 406-329-3682 (Contracting officer Deborah Wesselius).
Worked for the BLM, USPS, BIA, and USFS.
Moose Fire
Missionary Ridge Fire
Florence/Biscuit Complex
Hinman Fire
Black Mt.Complex
Blackfoot Lake Fire
Crazy Horse Fire
Cedar/Old Fires
Hurricane Katrina & Rita
Sawmill Complex
Jocko Lakes Fires
COMPANY NAME Obadiah’s Wildfire Fighters
CONTACT Woody Chain
ADDRESS 249 Silver Drive
Troy, MT 59935
PHONE (800) 968-8604
FAX (406) 295-9490
EMAIL Contact Woody here