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The Skidgen

The Skidgen

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The latest addition to the Obadiah’s family is our Skidgen. Based on the same chassis as the military’s M113 advanced personnel carrier, this unit is unarmored and converted for firefighting and rehab work. This Skidgen is capable of carrying a six ton payload and up to four people can sit abreast within the cab, which is fully enclosed and protected by a specially designed ROPS system. Obadiah’s picked this FMC-built platform for several reasons:

This skidgine can operate over over rough terrain and can move quickly on improved roads & highways. It is built with aircraft-quality aluminum, allowing it to possess some of the same strength as steel, but at a much lighter weight. The Skidgen is also equipped with a 6V53 Detroit diesel rated at over 220 HP, and is capable of speeds in excess of 40 MPH.

We have made several modifications to make this unit even better, including an overhead electric winch system that allows us to convert from a firefighting/hydro-seeding unit to a cargo/crew hauler very rapidly. This flexibility allows us to transition quickly after the fire is out, or even during the fire, to a transport unit capable of moving cargo or firefighters safely in rugged remote areas.

The Skidgen is one of several units that allows us to be diversified and ready to be of service in other types of disasters. Whether it be hurricanes, Tornados, floods or earthquakes, this unit can prove very useful. The rubber pads on the tracks prevent damage to the road surface, it will roll over debris with no problem, and travel though mud, snow, or water with equal ease.

Key Points:

  • Rubber pads on tracks allowing for urban interface operations
  • 40+ MPH Speeds
  • Amphibious
  • Twin Hose reels
  • Aspirated Foam
  • Curtis dry seeder
  • Hydro-seeding capable
  • Can apply hydro seed while mixing a new batch.

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Specifications on the M548 Skidgen


Length 15′ 11″
Width 8′ 5″
Height 8′ 10″
Clearance 16″
Weight Empty 14,500
Weight With Tank Empty 18,650
Weight With Water 26,130
Personnel Capacity 4 front 20 rear
Fuel Tank Capacity 88 Gallons
Ground Pressure 6.63 PSI

Performance Specifications

Speed on Land 41 MPH
Speed in Water with Track 3.6 MPH
Cruising Range 300 Miles
Turning Radius Pivot to Infinite
Slope 60%
Side Slope 40%

Trench Crossing 66 “
Vertical Wall Climbing 24″
Breaking 20 MPH 34′

Engine Specifications

Make and Model Detroit Diesel 6V53
Displacement 5.2 Liter
Fuel Diesel
Rated Horsepower 220 HP
Gross Horsepower to Weight Ratio 30.4 Hours / Ton

Transmission Specifications

Make and Model Allison
Type Hydro Kinetic
Steering Hydro Static
Break Type Disc

Running Gear

Suspension Torsion Bar
Road Wheels 5 Per Side 24″ Diameter
Track Type Steel Single Ping Detachable Rubber Pad
Number of Shoes 63 Left, 64 Right
Track Pitch 6″
Track Width 15″
Shock Absorbers 2 Per Side
Wheel Travel 9.0″

Electrical System

Generator 200 Amp
Volts DC 28
Batteries 4 Type 6TC 120 Amp HR 12 Volt Each
Fire Extinguishers 5 lb. 8 oz. For Engine Compartment
5 lb. 8 oz. For Cab

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