Montana Machine


Montana Machine is a machine and fabrication company based in Libby Montana, and owned and operated by Leroy Thom and his two sons Mark and Ben. Montana Machine has been instrumental in the success of Obadiahs Wildfire Fighters. Aside from being one of the best machine and fabrication shops in the North West, Leroy has proven to be an outstanding friend and advocate of many private contract fire fighters as well volunteer and city

Leroy Thom, Owner of Montana Machine .

Leroy Thom, Owner of Montana Machine .

fire departments. Leroy began his career in fabrication as the lead mill rite forman for WR Grace company which mined vermiculite in Libby Montana. The company eventually closed and Leroy purchased the building he now occupies from them. He and his sons, as well as other family members assisted in moving the building to its present location on Highway 2, south of Libby.

In addition to Leroys many community involvement projects, Leroy is very involved in assisting victims of asbestosis from the mining of vermiculite. He is the founder and president of Asbestos Related Health Care Project. This is demonstrative of the personality of Leroy Thom, one of the most sincere and caring people I know. Other activities of Leroy are as follows; in his earlier years he was a semi pro boxer and quite the hell raiser, although friends who have known him a long time state that he has really mellowed out. Leroy is also quite the bowler, traveling the country participating in many tournaments and events. He is also an avid outdoors man and loves to spend time hunting with his family. In addition he is a life long member of Igniters, a Lincoln County based Hot Rod club. Leroy is currently building his Hot Rod 1936 Chevy pickup.

I only gave this background info to attest to the integrity of Montana Machine and I’m proud to call Leroy my friend. Montana Machine consists of many facets. Catering to the Logging industry in the Pacific North West. Montana Machine provides a store front selling welding supplies and other materials to smaller shops and fabrications in the area. Their machine shop is well equipped with all the milling, presses, lathes, and other machines necessary to fabricate just about anything imaginable. Their machinist is Gary Phoenix.


The Fabrication shop is also well equipped with an assortment of portable wire feed welders and other welding equipment. An assortment of shears, presses and other equipment is on hand to shape, cut, and bend metal into just about any shape. The fabrication shop is equipped with an over head crane to make moving the heavy stuff a breeze. The Fabrication shop is run by son Mark Thom and other son Ben Thom who is currently attending school to receive his degree in engineering. Montana Machine’s claim to fame is their flat top tender tanks. Widely used thought the Pacific Northwest by those who need to haul water safely and efficiently. A low center of gravity makes the tank safer than round and elliptical tanks. A flat top allows for hauling lots of things such as fire hose, and extra pumps. The U.S. Forest Service loves these tanks and the added safety they bring the the fire line. Montana Machine can design and build just about anything that you can imagine. Licensed Engineer Scott Curry can assist in the development of your project as well as certify that it is safe, and will meet all the required specs. All of Obadiah’s equipment is a testament to the abilities of these folks. As we would see the need to a particular piece of equipment on the fire line, we would begin to imagine what would be needed to fill a niche. Consulting with Montana Machine would help us understand what was feasible and what was not. We would then begin devolvement of the equipment. From concept to completion Montana Machine has always been part of our team.


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– Owned and operated by Leroy Thom
– 1856 HWY 2 South, Libby Montana 59935
– Phone: 406-293-8731