FMC SoftTrack Skidgen

FMC SoftTrack Skidgen

FMC SoftTrack Skidgen

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A SoftTrack Skidgine is all about the suspension system: Most track vehicles, like a bulldozer, have nothing or very little in the way of suspension and therefore, the tracks do not move up and down over rough terrain. When a track vehicle maneuvers, it has a tendency to push whatever is in the way out of the way, and thus makes a mess of the terrain it is operating on. On a construction site this doesn’t matter, the damage is eventually repaired in the landscaping phase. But during a wildfire, vegetation is burned away and will not re-grow where the top soil has been removed. In hilly or rugged country this destruction of soil, combined with later erosion, can cause lots of problems environmentally. Lines created by dozers can turn into a path-of-least-resistance for water runoff, bringing dangerous silt into lower lakes, rivers, and ponds, potentially creating mudslides or harming nearby wildlife in the process.

Enter the SoftTrack Skidgine. The soft tracks float over the terrain with very little ground compaction, resulting in far less environmentally destructive vehicle than a dozer. SoftTract Skidgines also maintain better traction than rubber-tired Skidgines: When operating in rugged or steep terrain, rubber-tired Skidgines tend to spin out, digging ruts that further increase the risk of erosion and later mudslides. The SoftTrack Skidgine rolls right around those issues, making it excellent for initial attack situations and interfacing with both urban and rural environments. The SoftTrack Skidgine goes where other conventional machinery simply cannot.

Our SoftTrack Skidgine is powered with a 220HP Detroit Diesel 6V53N and also comes equipped with a 9HP 150psi Two Stage main pump, 450psi multi-stage pump, onboard water cannon, Robwen foam proportion system (Class A & B foam), BB4 20HP 1620 gallon water capacity (which can be filled via helicopter), has multiple hose systems, top speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, and MORE. For a full list of specifications, see below.

Key Points:

  • Hydraulic operated brush blade
  • Capable on 60% Incline, 30% side-slope, 70% downhill
  • Operates in wet or boggy soils with minimal soil compaction
  • Top speeds up to 20 mph
  • Clark 4SP forward and reverse transmission
  • 360° full lighting for safe night operations
  • All personnel and equipment are equipped with Bendix King programmable 2-way radio communications with headsets


  • Onboard Water Cannon
  • Quad pump system
  • Wildfire BB4 20HP 450psi Multi stage pump
  • Davy 9HP 150psi Two Stage main pump
  • 1620 gallon water capacity, can be filled from helicopter
  • Ground pressure 4.69psi at 0 inches soil penetration & 4.24psi at 6 inches
  • Dual Hannay electric hose reel system each with 200′ of 1″ hard line
  • Honda 6HP Draft/Pressure pump (removable-portable)
  • Honda 2.5HP 1.5″ Backpackable Draft/Pressure pump
  • Robwen foam proportion system (Class A & B foam)
  • Removable / portable CAFS Snuffer 2540
  • Equipped with 3000 ft. of 1.5″ / 1″ / .75″ wildfire HOTLINE / STAYFLO hose
  • Equipped with extra gated Y’s, fittings, and miscellaneous nozzles necessary for all situations


Incident Suppression Capabilities / Mop Up:

  • Dozing
  • Water/Foam
  • Fireing
  • Burnout and Holding
  • Excellent Initial Attack Vehicle
  • Maneuverability Urban/Rural Interface Environment
  • Staging Reservoir & Pump Hose Lays
  • Turning and Raking Fuels (wet mop up)
  • Rapid placement
  • Water/Foam
  • Areas inaccessible by wheeled vehicles


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Specifications on the FMC Skidgen


Model Description 220
Shipping Weight 23,250 lbs.


Overall Length 195″
Overall Height 111″
Overall Width 103″
Ground Clearance 19″

Suspension and Track

Type of Suspension Roadwheels, torsion bar sprung
Type of Track Forged steel grousers, rubber bushed hinge pins
Track Shoe Width 22″
Gauge A 1″
Type of Roadwheels Steel
Number of Roadwheels 5 dual per side
Diameter of Roadwheels 24″
Length of Track on ground 113″
Area of Track on Ground 4972 in2
Ground Pressure at Shipping Weight 4.68 psi

Loading Capacity

Maximum Weight on Rear Deck 23,000 lbs.


Make GM Detroit Diesel
Model 6V53N
Type of Fuel Diesel
Number of Cylinders 6
Bore 3 7/8″
Stroke 4 1/2″
Displacement 318 in3
Horsepower, break 200
Governed RPM (full load) 2600
Torque (max at 1500 RPM) 445 lb-ft


Starting 12 volt
Battery 205 amp hours
Alternator 65 amp


Transmission Clark HR28420-3 power shift, four speeds forward, four speeds reverse
Torque Converter Integral with transmission
Differential Controlled steering type
Final Drive Planetary
Brakes, service Hydraulic, transmission mounted
Brakes, parking Manual, transmission mounted
Brakes, steering Differential connected laterals


Cooling System 13 gal.
Fuel Tank 50 gal.
Engine Lubricating Oil 4 gal.
Transmission/winch 9.25 gal.
Differential 5.5 gal.
Final Drive 1.12 gal.


Vehicle Differential connected laterals
Turning Circle Clearance 48′

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